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Born in Italy, Vasto, Nunzio made his artistic debut as a travel photographer and his work has been published in numerous international magazines. 


His interest in martial arts took him to Hong Kong (1992-1999) where he became Tai Chi instructor and begin his acting career ‘dying’ numerous times in the Hong Kong action film industry. 


Nunzio moved to New York City (1999 – 2006) to study acting, directing and playwright and attended a two-year full time program at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute of New York.


In 2007  moved to Sardinia where he collaborates as a playwright, director, and actor with the major theater company of the island. 


Nunzio has developing a unique method of coaching, Prime Acting, aimed to explore the realms of intentions, emotions and the authentic expression of the self along with the integration of imaginative therapies applied to his new vision of theater and its ancient cathartic power. 


He currently lives between Amsterdam and Milan

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