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The Intention Lab - Years of experience working as an 'acting coach' have led me to a clear realization: it’s all about intentions. I had the chance to work with many artists and their success in their performance came down to the work we did on focus and clear intentions. Acting techniques, besides the basic ones, had very little to do with it. The other great understanding was that there are no differences between the imaginary world of a character and the life of a real person. To play your desired role in life and fulfil your goals you need the same focus and clear intention an actor needs to play a fictitious character. At last, I found it more important to work with non-actors and help people in their real-life mission and here I am to coach people in attaining their desired role in life.      


I short; creating a good meaningful life is the real art form and to be a good artist we need to learn how to use our instrument (the body) in order to establish a deep and conscious communication with the world that contains us and learn to be aware of our intentions on all levels of their vibrational emanation because, we could have a clear intention on one level and an opposite one on a subtler level of our consciousness, thus resulting in stagnation and consequently nothing moves forward in the desired direction.  

In my Intention Lab workshop, we will become aware of these mechanisms and we’ll explore, 'playfully', also unconscious and harmful personalities, often called masks, that sabotage our goodwill. And, if lucky, in the process, we could meet our inner artistic director: our Inner Genius (who doesn’t know limits and constraints) and find out what IT has to say. Let’s see if we get that far! The workshop environment is a safe space and is protected from judgement. It basically functions as an incubator that creates and nurtures the ‘new’ to come.

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One on One Intention Coaching is available in presence in Amsterdam or online worldwide. 


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NUNZIO CAPONIO - few words bio - 

Nunzio is an Italian playwright, director, actor and acting coach based between Amsterdam and Italy. Besides his theatrical work, Nunzio has been developing a unique method of coaching aimed to help anyone interested to explore the realms of their intentions and the authentic expression and communication of their being. In the past years has focussed his studies and writings on imaginative therapies applied to his new vision of theatre and its cathartic powers. 

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